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Dog Elevated Double Stainless Adjustable Food And Water Bowl


It is an elevated and adjustable dog bowl, dog water bowl, and pet feeder, suitable for all ages.

The dog bowl and dog bowl holder can be adjusted to 11.3 inches (about 28.8 cm) high, suitable for large dogs, 10.7 inches (about 27. cm) high dog bowls, 3.9 inches (about 10.0 cm) for small dogs.
It’s foldable and multifunctional.When not in use, the legs can be easily removed and stuffed under this overhead feeder for convenient storage, very suitable for travel or at home.

Our elevated dog bowls are used for dog food and dog water bowls to provide a healthy feeding position and help digestion.

The use of raised dog bowls can help reduce joint and bone pressure,this makes our raised dog bowls and feeders very suitable for more mature dogs and an ideal dog bowl for large dogs.

Rust-proof and easy to clean: Two rust-proof stainless steel dog bowls are included, which can be washed in the dishwasher and are easy to clean. It is an excellent alternative to traditional ceramic dog food bowls and dog water bowls. The maximum capacity of each dog bowl is 50 ounces (approximately 1.5 kg) or 7 cups of dry dog food.